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At age 62 Leon is leaving prison and rejoining his community in San Francisco's Bayview–Hunters Point. He is a getting help from Lisa and Cedric, who run the only black-led drug recovery and transitional housing program in the city. At their Friday night meeting Antoinette shows up after years on the streets and a stay in jail, to a room full of tearful warnings that if she doesn't stay clean she will surely end up dead. The Gathering shows the struggle, strength, and compassion of a community who is fighting to survive.

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Bayview–Hunters Point
Lisa, Cedric, Cregg and the team help repair lives at a drug recovery and transitional housing that is peer-led, meaning the leadership has gone through drug recovery themselves. They are part of a generation of families that have been separated by drug addiction and mass incarceration. While San Francisco has the reputation of being a progressive city, it has one of the highest racial disparity in the jail system and double the national average of economic disparity between white and black residents. It is also the most expensive city in the world and rents are astronomical, pushing out what is left of the Black community. San Francisco's Bayview–Hunters Point is one of the last African American communities in the city whose Black population has plummeted from 13% in the 1970's to around 4% today.

Positive Directions Equals Change
Started in 1993, Positive Directions Equals Change began as a support network for African Americans in recovery, many of whom were exiting treatment facilities and wanted to establish an ongoing support system of friends and associates. Our network grew. We continued to support ourselves and also many others.After years of experience working in the community with various treatment facilities, rehabilitation centers and jails, we expanded our services and now offer Community Support Groups and Classes.


The Gathering production team

Barni Axmed Qaasim

Barni is filmmaker who works in collaboration with communities toward just and sustainable world. and

Sara MacPherson

Sara's made the award winning documentary Stable Life and short documentary Jornalero screened in HBO’s Full Frame DocFilm Festival
Equipoise Films

Beto Lopez

Beto is a filmmaker and aerial-cinema specialist. He has been documenting dance culture for 20 years and is an innovator in both live-streaming and drone photography.

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